Engine Rebuilding

Many people may not know why it’s important to take advantage of our engine rebuilding services. The primary reason for this service is whether a driver isn’t routinely having their vehicle maintained or getting their oil changed. The moving parts of the engine are lubricated by engine oil, and if you continuously drive your vehicle when it’s low on oil or go beyond the recommended intervals between oil changes, you could cause a major engine failure.

The result of this major failure is crankshaft oil escaping your engine’s piston rings and combines with the fuel mixture. The most obvious indication this has happened is when you see a large amount of white smoke coming out of your exhaust system. You’ll also hear knocking and clanging in your engine. We can rebuild every part of an engine from the bearings and piston rings to the entire pistons themselves. Before we go through the engine rebuilding process, we’ll assess your vehicle to make sure it qualifies first.

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